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TCC SCC Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, April 21st



Topic: The Medical Power of Industrial Hemp: Separating Fact from Fiction

The 2018 farm bill has legalized products derived from the industrial hemp plant which has spawned a new industry expected to eclipse 25 billion dollars in United States retail sales by 2022. Because the industrial hemp plant, Cannabis sativa (L) has been kept in the dark due to prior DEA schedule 1 designation, there is much that the scientific and medical communities are just beginning to learn about the plant and its application to human and animal health. The industrial hemp plant, and one of its major cannabinoids Cannabidiol (CBD), may be one of the richest sources for new human health supplements discovered in our lifetime. CBD has been reported through anecdotal information to address over 100 human conditions ranging from acne to cancer. While the potential to develop novel medications, supplements and beauty products are immense, the regulations on how to commercialize products are emerging on a daily basis. In this discussion, we will provide an overview of the industrial hemp plant and cannabidiol, share information on preliminary research on cannabidiol, potential applications specific to skin health, and briefly address current regulations.

Speaker: James Baumgartner, Ph.D., President of Panacea Life Sciences

James Baumgartner has spent a majority of his career in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development with a focus on accelerating timelines and success probability for moving drug candidates into human clinical trials. Working for Zymogenetics, a Novo Nordisk Company, and Amgen, James' work resulted in several clinical candidates and 9 patents regarding target discovery and drug development.


As the Senior Technical Director and President of Panlabs, James consulted with over 700 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to prioritize clinical candidate pipelines and assist in assessment for clinical development. James has served in a leadership role to lead companies developing novel hemp-based products for the betterment of human and companion pet health.


Currently James leads Panacea Life Sciences, a vertically integrated company that is scientifically driven and medically focused. Panacea Life Sciences is an industry leader developing purposely formulated products and generating clinical data to help provide consumers improved guidance regarding the utility of hemp-based health products.



BS in Biochemistry from University of California Davis (UC Davis) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Pharmacology from Washington State University.




















Tuesday, April 21 2020


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