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LaMaur circa 1988

The TCC SCC is one of 19 Chapters within a National Society that is comprised of over 5,000 members.  The Twin Cities Chapter was formed in 1972, and holds virtual and in-person meetings in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul featuring presentations and discussions on scientific topics relevant to the cosmetic industry. In addition, the Chapter also provides opportunities for professional networking and outreach to students interested in technical careers in the cosmetics industry.

Society of Cosmetic Chemists

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists was founded in 1945 to promote high standards of practice in the cosmetic sciences and encourage the exchange of ideas and new developments in cosmetic research and technology. Visit the National SCC Website at to learn more.

Dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, the Society strives to increase and disseminate scientific information through meetings and publications. By promoting research in cosmetic science and industry, and by setting high ethical, professional and educational standards, we reach our goal of improving the qualifications of cosmetic scientists. Our mission is to further the interests and recognition of cosmetic scientists while maintaining the confidence of the public in the cosmetic and toiletries industry.

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