Broaden your knowledge and expand your network by joining the Society. Advancing cosmetic science since 1945. The Society seeks to advance scientific knowledge with a host of membership benefits. Our 4,000+ members, living in the U.S. and Canada, are comprised of industry professionals and academics working in all fields of cosmetic science.


By joining the Society, members broaden their knowledge and take advantage of myriad opportunities, both on the national level and at Chapter meetings and events, to network and exchange ideas.


Members gain access to exclusive content, including a subscription to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, our flagship publication, published six times per year.


Members also take advantage of Continuing Education courses sponsored by the SCC. These courses aim to further improve the qualifications of cosmetic scientists by setting high ethical, professional and educational standards. Of course, members also participate in a range of professional and social events at 19 affiliated Chapters.



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